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Infolinks Review - Way to monetize your Blog

   Every publisher want to get google adsense account. But unfortunately, it is very hard to get adsense approved because they have very strict rules. If you get banned from google adsense then the game is not over yet. You have many more ways to monetize your site. You can Try the adsense alternatives.

The one thing which here I tell you that when you get your adsense application disapprove then you can also apply again. Because you not get banned but disapproved. But if you get banned then you can never get adsense account for that site. You can learn about mine that how i first get adsense disapprove and then second time I get adsense approved.

So, if you get banned from adsense or try to maximize your revenue by using two ad networks on site then here I tell the working adsense alternative which Infolinks. Infolinks is good option for them but those who have google adsense can also use infolinks and this is best to generate more revenue. As infolinks is one of the best alernative of google adsense.
How to make money with Infolinks 2014

What is infolinks?

So, before we get started first for newbies we have to understand what is infolinks. Infolinks is an global online global advertising ads networks for publishers and advertisers. We can earn as much as we can with infolinks.

In simple words it is an inline advertising network which is serving ads to millions of sites at a time and have many quality advertisers. It is based on both CPC and CPM.

Pros of infolinks

pros of infolinksHere are the some pros of infolinks 

  • Best intext ads network
  • We can use infolinks ads with adsense ads and also with other network ads.
  • Easily get approved.
  • Have small criteria for approval.
  • They have good eCPM rates
  • Have minimum payout of 25$ with paypal and payoneer mastercard.

Best Intext Ad Network

Infolinks is one of the best intext ad network. Infolinks also named as King of inline ad network. As from my personal experience, I can say that his intext based ads are users friendly and second thing is that they are also seo friendly. So, you don't need to worry for seo disturbance because the ads are very much related to your content.

Can be Used with Adsense

If you have adsense and still want to use infolinks to increase your earning then you can do this. Because adsense has clearly stated that you can use other ad networks with adsense which not violate the adsense policies. Well, infolinks is very friendly to adsense and not violate the terms and policies of adsense in anyway. So, you can also use it with adsense.

Easily Get Approved

If you are worrying about approval for infolinks account then stop worrying. Really, they are not as strict as adsense. They have minimum criteria for approval. Below is the minimum criteria to get infolinks account approved.

What is the minimum criteria for site

criteria for infolinksInfolinks generally don't have any minimum criteria for websites. Means every site no matter it is big or small or have low or high traffic can join infolinks and earn money. But they only require quality content. But to get approved 100% at infolinks you must have following minimum requirements.
  • Minimum 15-20 articles written by you and must be genuine with at least 500 words.
  • Must have minimum 500-1000 unique visitors per month
  • Your site's theme or template must be users friendly.
  • Make sure your site or blog don not have illegal content.
  • Make sure that your site don't have negative impact.

Some Extra

  • Make a contact us page
  • Make Privacy policy and about us page for your site.

Have Good eCPM Rates

Sometimes it is said that infolinks have low cpm rates. That is not totally but to some extent it is wrong. Infolinks mostly pay high to the traffic coming from search engine and pay more if the traffic is from USA or Canada. Those who say that they pay low is because they have very low traffic from search engine and also from USA and Canada. If you want to earn good income from it then you should have to drive traffic from search engine.

Have minimum Payout of $25

Infolinks have very little amount to payout. Unless adsense who have $100 minimum payout, they have only $25 for minimum of threshold. So, it means that you don't need to wait to complete you minimum payout.

Multiple ways to Payout

They have different multiple ways to payout to there publishers. So, if you don't afford the one way then there is also a second option which is waiting for you. They can pay you via PayPal, Payoneer Master Card, and via check. But to receive payments via check you should have minimum $100 in you account.

Cons of Infolinks

cons of infolinks
  • Sometime their eCPM rates goes very down.
  • Have low CTR rates.
  • may cause your site cluttered.

To prevent your pages try to not use pop-ups and also try to reduce intext ads.

  • Have low rates for traffic from Asian countries

Tip for those who have most of there traffic from Asian contries to increase revenue with infolinks

To increase revenue with infolinks try to get traffic from USA. See below tips to get traffic from USA,
  • You can get USA traffic by submitting your site at USA popular directories,
  •  Use Social media and make contact with USA people and share your site content with them. 
  • Use USA bookmarking sites. 
Final Words
This is the brief infolinks review and I think that infolinks is good option for beginners as an alternative to google adsense. And can generate good revenue from there sites or blogs. As above mentioned they have very very low criteria for approval. I think it is best alternative to google adsense. If you have any question or some more info about infolinks then must share with us.


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