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How To Make Money on Fiverr Beginners Guide

What is Fiverr

Before we start, lets take a look on what is fiverr, so you can easily understand what I am going to tell you. Fiverr is some type of marketplace where different types of people sell there services to others of price ranging from 1$-5$.

There are many categories in which you can sell your services. So, don't need to worry, you have wide range of options. The only fiverr charges you is 1$ on each sale. for example:

If you have created a gig on fiverr and set a price of 5$, then each time anyone buy your service you get 4$ and remaining 1$ will be of Fiverr. Low earning? Just 4$ per sale? Ok, lets take it technically,
how to make money on fiverr

if you make a gig for 5$ and for each sale you get 4$, when your number of sales reaches at 100 or 1000, then you can multiply 4 with 100 or 1000. You get a good idea that you earn 400$ on 100 sales and 4000$ on 1000 sales. 

Is you already tried the fiverr? but  does not get success? here I am going to guide you some best strategies by which you can make money on fiverr in the year of 2015.

What to sell on fiverr

Before you start first decide what service you can sell on fiverr. Only select those on which you are perfect. And on getting order you fulfil it on time.

You can sell what you have in yourself, if your are good graphic designer then come on fiverr and start selling graphics. If you are seo expert then start providing different seo services. In short, you have wide range of categories in which you can sell.

Strategy #1: Creating converting GIG

Ok, here I am going to start telling first strategy to make money on fiverr. Is you know how to create gig on fiverr? I think yes you know! Then why I create sub heading of this?

Of course, to guide for converting gig not for simple gig. The gig which converts every visitor to buyer, hope you get it. So, below are the main guide to create successful gig.

Optimized Title

While creating the gig the first and critical portion of your gig is title. You have to choose the eye catching title. But not just eye catching but also optimized for fiverr search.

To write the title first search for some similar popular existing gigs and analyze it that how he present his gig. To get similar gigs only use fiverr search, and in result the first four results are enough to get Idea.

Get help from search auto-complete feature to get the long tail keywords. You have to keep in mind that your title not exceed the limit of 60 words. After tapping out the main keywords from popular gigs and from search auto complete feature now write a well optimized title.

Must use the main keyword in your title. Also add some appealing words in your gig title. For example:
I will write 800 words article which ranks #1
I will design cartoon which make girls in love

Hope you get the point. By using the above guide your first portion of title will be completed.


After title here comes the body of your gig. You have large limit of words so you can describe what you are going to serve.

While writing the description try to write as longer as you can. And describe your service and try to persuade the readers that they accept your service.

See, when you go to any shop how the shopkeeper treat you? He always try to persuade you to buy some thing from his shop. He persuade you by using different tactics as telling you pros of product, tell you the experience of others about the product and many more. 

While writing just imagine that you are a shopkeeper and you have to persuade your readers just same as the shopkeeper does.

Try to put your main keyword three times in the description. But don't ignore the synonyms of the main keywords. Add 6-9 different synonyms of your main keyword. This will help you to rank higher in fiverr search.


A image is better than 1000 words it is said, and well said. Try to put at least 5 images related to your gig. The images should be well defined and designed. 

Don't use the crappy images. Try to give some results of your services in the form of screen shots or images. This will encourage the visitors to buy your service. Don't forget to choose a good and appealing design of the images.

The images should describe what you are offering to the users. Otherwise, the results will not good enough.


The sales of your gig can be increased to 33% by adding video in your gig, this is not said by me but by the Fiverr itself. Those who create a video of what there are going to sell and add it in there gig, get more sales.

What type of videos you have to make? You can make videos of yours in which you tell that what you are offering. You can do this by two methods: one is by recording yourself in a video or anyone else who speaks directly to the viewers.

Second method is for those who know how to edit and create animated videos. If you can play with animations then it is easy for you to create a little animation which describe your service.

Both the above methods are good but I recommend you to choose the first one if it possible. Because people believe more on the real people then self created typo or animations.

Choosing the appropriate Category

Why you need to choose category for your gig? I think you know why you do this! If not then know here: Is you observe on Fiverr's top menu! The all top menu will lead you to the different categories. Means fiverr have added all the categories on its top menu, so the users can easily browse what they are looking for.

About 60% users will go through that menu when they search for gigs to buy. That's why to get the more opportunities of sales you should have to choose the most relevant category for your gig. Choosing the right gig will lead you to more sales.

Setting Up Tags

It's time for tags. What role they play in your gig? These are the one which are used in the fiverr's search feature. You should have to set the most relevant tags for your gig.

Again use the search autocomplete feature to tap out the keywords, now use those keywords as your tags.

Instructions to Buyers

Always try to add the instructions for the buyers. This will adds a more professional touch to your gig. Don't add scrap in the instructions but give a full working instructions about your service, such as in what condition
the service will not work or in what ways you can only use this service bla bla bla :D

Share Your Gig Everywhere

Ok, now the steps to create the converting gig is over and now its time for next strategy. The next thing which will help you to get more sales is telling people that you are offering and this can only be done by share your gig on social networks.

Share your gig on Facebook, on facebook groups which are related to your gig, on your friends timeline, share on twitter, on stumbleupon, on reddit and on other social networks and bookmarking sites.

Another way to promote your gig is creating youtube channel. Create your youtube channel and add the videos which you create for your gigs in your channel. And don't forget to put the url of your gig in the video description.

Trick to get more money

Here I am going to reveal the working trick which will take you to the top and let you earn more on fiverr. To sell the PLR products. Yes people always looking for PLR products such as ebooks for weight loss, about fitness or anything else, you get piles of money.

Just make a gig of something like this:
I will give your 15 ebooks to loss weight in less than week

I will give make your muscles bigger in 8 days

The PLR products have large market and tons of people are looking for them. You can get this opportunity and start earning bigger than ever.

Reply to buyers

Don't be lazy, when ever anyone leave a comment on your gig reply him as early as possible. If someone replied negatively then be a smart one and reply him with positive words.

More your engage with others on fiverr more trust you get among the buyers and this trust will lead you to more sales.

Ask the buyers to give testimonials

Here is another strategy which will leads you to get athority and trust. Whenever anyone buy your servive, request him to leave s reply on the gig with good words about your service.

This will encourage the others to buy your services and build a trust in the market. And ultimately, this will give you more sales. 😁

Complete Your Profile

Complete your profile at fiverr. Add your profile picture. If you are representing a brand or company then use the company or brand logo and if you are individual then i recommend you to use your own picture.

Add a complete bio about you. Tell the people about your skills and also write about your portfolio. This will increase your authority on fiverr.


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