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How to Get Google Adsense Account

There are several different ways to make money online. One of then the most legit way is making money via google adsense. Many programs over Internet seems to be legit but after you join them they sooner or later turned into scam and you loose your money as well as time. So if you want to make money over Internet without taking risk then google adsense is best choice for you. Google adsense is an advertising network through which we can display their ads on our site or blog and in return they pay to as CPM or pay per click.

                     8 Ways To Get Google Adsense Account

            All the above seems looks like very easy and good but the harder thing is that google adsense is very strict in the approval of google adsense account. Their policies and terms and conditions changes from time to time. So, if you want to join google adsense then you have to take it seriously and professionally like a business other wise google adsense will ban your account. Here we discuss and tell you 8 ways to get google adsense account. If anyone of them is not suitable for you or you get banned then you can try another one.

1: Google adsense account through own website

To get standard google adsense account first you have to create a well-established website for it. To get this type of account their polices are very strict and if you break their policies or your site or blog have illegal content then they can't approve your account. To get adsense through this then you have to create your website well-established and make sure that your website fully satisfied the their policies, terms and conditions. If you get google adsense account through this way then you can use your this google adsense account on all of your websites.

    2: Google Adsense Account through Flixya

    If you don't have website/blog or want to get google adsense through another source then you can create adsense account through flixya. Flixya is a shocial sharing revenue network where you can share images, videos, blogs and articles with other people. To get adsense account through Flixya first you have to create account at flixya. When you create account you will be given your personal username url where you can display your uploaded content on flixya. And along with content you can also display adsense ads on it.
    To get adsense on flixya first you have to put 10-15 unique and quality content on Flixya. After this Flixya gives you opportunity to sign up for adsense. Just fill up the from provided with real info and apply for account. After 2-3 days google will tell you weather your account is approved or disapproved. If your content comply with their policy then you should get approved, otherwise try the next one.

    3: Google adsense account Through IndyaRocks

    IndyaRocks is a social network website like twitter and facebook. But the good thing of it is that it allow their users to make money from their site using adsense. To get approved google adsense on IndyaRocks first you have to write two high quality blogs and upload 10 images on their site. On IndyaRocks google authorizes three ads units on one page. 

    4: Google Adsense account through Docstoc

    You can get Google Adsense account through Docstoc and earn money. Docstoc is a site where we can upload templates, presentations, documents, ebooks, forms and paper materials. To get adsense account on Docstoc first sing up at Docstoc and upload your very own created content on Docstoc and then apply for adsense. If you get approved then you can start making money via adsense. Use same email for adsense and docstoc account.

    5: Google Adsense account through Hubpages

    Hubpages is a site where you can create and publish your blogs. You can get double benefits from Hubpages. You can make money via adsense on hubpages and also get backlinks to your site or blog. Hubpages is well-ranked site and google prefer its backlinks. To get these benefits go and create account on it and complete your profile. After it write 10 quality articles on it and then apply for Adsense. To get backlinks from hubpages just put a link to your site/blog in the articles.
     To get more information of google adsense account on hubpages and learn how to get approved see below article:

    How to get approved Google adsense on Hubpages

    6: Google Adsense account thorugh WebAnswers

    WebAnswers is a site much similar to Yahoo answers. To get adsense through WebAnswers your first have to give answers of questions asked by WebAnswer's members and then you are able to apply for google adsense. One more benefit of WebAnswers is that you can get backlinks to your site/blog by leaving url to your blog on the related question's answer, and also drive some traffic :)

    7: Through BloggerParty

    BloggerParty is yet another revenue sharing blogging community where you can share articles, blogs, tips and tricks your thoughts and experience. Along with all these you can also make money through adsense account. 

    8: Through Youtube

    Youtube is largest video sharing website where you can share and upload videos. you can also make money at youtube through advertising via adsense. To get adsense at youtube first you have to create account at youtube and then upload atleast 10 videos on youtube which are not before indexed by goolge. After that, submit your application for adsense and if you are eligible then you get approved.

    Final Words

    I hope that you enjoy this article and also find this article helpful. I feel very good if  you share your opinions with me about this article. These are some other ways to get adsense. The thing here I remember you that all the accounts except via blog/website are limited accounts and can only be used on that particular site from where you get adsense. For standard account you have to apply again.
    If you find this helpful then must share it with others and let the others to get adsense :)


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