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10 Ways of Making Money Online

     Now a days most of the teenagers spend lot of their time online, using facebook, or other social media, by playing games, or listening music and also by making money online. Teenagers can earn big online by several ways. Here in this article I am going to tell you 10 best ways a teenagers can make money online.

Making money from Internet is becoming more popular among teens. Many of you want to earn money on Internet but they can't make money because they do not have any proper guidelines and also they don't know how to make real money from internet. 

When it comes to earning money online then you have lot of ways from where you can start your making money online as a teenager. 

Create your blog and start blogging:

The simlest way to earn money online for teenager is by creating your own blog. You can start your blog on any niche(topic) which you like the most and in which you have a knowledge. Mainly some popular niche's are making money online, blogging, designing and web development. Keep in mind that just start blogging on that niche in which you have interest. Because blogging on anything without interest is just like skull without brain. You can't write unique articles on anything if you have don't have interest on that particular things.

As a beginner you can start your blogging career from Google blogger because it is free to use and I thing that blogger is best for beginners who are new in blogging. 

Freelancing - Become a online worker:

If you have any desired skills in which you can do a better work than you can tryout freelancing. Many sites like Elance/Odesk/Freelancer are providing a platform to freelancers where freelancers can tell others about their skills and get hired by others for doing work for them and earn money. It is one of the best method to earn online for students and housewives as
  • They can work when they like
  • They can select the parameters of working
  • They can work on the selected niche
  • They can work on the specific interest.

Making Money on Fiverr

Making money on fiverr is somewhere same like freelancing. At Fiverr you can sell your services for $5. At fiverr you can sell any of your service from designing a logo to amusing the people or entertaining the people, making intro videos for companies, writing articles etc.

Data Entry Jobs – Work at Home:

You can also earn money online through data entry jobs.You just need to type texts (All the Data is Provided), removing mistakes, correcting the format of article and etc. But some time it seems pretty boring but it’s worth considering. But you can not earn big with this. It is good to make some pocket money. To earn something big you have to move any other way.

Paid To Click Programs (PTC):

If you are a kid or a young teenager and you are unaware of the technology like Blogging, SEO, Article Writing and etc but you want to earn online then Paid to Click is the simplest way to earn. In paid to click programs all you need to do is to click on advertisements and for clicking each advertisement you get paid, simple enough. But it also has some problems like

  • The quantity of Advertisements is very less
  • You only get 4 to 5 advertisements per day
  • You only receive 0.01 bucks for per click

But on the other hand, if you have an entire online community of friends then you can refer your friends to that program and you will get some commission from his earning.

Sell Products on EBAY and AMAZON:

Ebay and Amazon are the leading website where people put advertisement to sell their products. And if any one likes your product then buyer will contact you to purchase the item. If you are good in buying products then you can purchase a product in cheap rates and sell the same product in high price and can enjoy the profit!

They Ask And You Answer:

If you are good at any subject i.e. Math, English, Physics, Biology, Humanities etc. Then you can help others by solving their questions and make money. All you need to do is to give the answer of the questions correctly with at least one reason. There are many website which offer Question & Answer, so these websites hire you to answer those questions. So if you are intelligent enough then give it a try.

Play Games To Earn:        

You know by playing online games you can earn some money, don’t believe me!! See the fact behind it. There are many game developing companies that pays the gammers for testing out their games by playing it for hours. And after playing (Testing out) you have to share your experience what you liked and what you disliked. Basically it is a marketing strategy to learn what is the problems in the games before releasing it publicly. Spending few thousand dollars on testing a game could save a million dollar game So it brings benefits for both gammers and owners.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is another one of the simplest way to earn, it is to promote a certain product or service to customers. For instance: If I bought a specific product and after going through, I recommend the same product to you. And I ask you to buy the product with my referral link or name. When you buy it, the product company will pay me a certain percentage of your purchase, which is known as commission. This chain would keep on going, if you continue to refer others.

These are some ways by which a teenager can start making money online. The thing here i explain that you should not think that you started any above method of earning today and yesterday you may get thousands of dollars. You may need to wait for some months and then you may start making some serious money.
Let me know what you think. And also share this article with others so that they also get benefited from this.


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