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Legitimate sources for making money online

    Making money online is not a fraud, but most sites fraud internet users that they are legitimate sources of earning money online. You can make handsome earnings through different ways like freelancing, affiliate marketing, working on PTC sites and Blogging. All of these are completely different modes of online work which help you generate some extra income online, but never every think of completely relying on them as a source of earning for your life. You can think of them as some extra cash or pocket money (but not as a regular income).


Freelancing is a mechanism through which people who require some tasks to be done post them at the freelancing websites also mentioning the price they are willing to pay for getting those projects done. Often the fixed price might not be mentioned, but the employer might post a minimum and maximum limit, and the freelancers (people who are willing to do jobs and get paid) bid for winning those projects, and finally earn after submitting a completed project. There are some legitimate freelancing websites which offer freelancing projects, these are:


Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a way of earning commissions on sales. You signup with online selling / shopping websites which sell their (or third party) products online to customers. After signing-up, you get an affiliate link or ID from these online marketing sites. And by promoting this affiliate link online through sharing in your Blogs and sometimes at other places like in emails and Social Networking Sites etc. you get paid when somebody buys a product from that site after visiting them through your affiliate link. You can also set-up your own online (virtual) stores and present categories of products you think most appropriate for selling online, but yet the advertisements appearing in these stores are sponsored by the Affiliate Marketing Sites. The most widely known affiliate marketing sites are:


Make money online through Blogging

Blogging is a vast world where you can explore much of your potential with an opportunity to learn and earn online. Blogging is simply writing online at Blogs and Websites. You can become a blogger if you like to share your ideas and knowledge with the world. It has a lot of potential to make money online too. But to start from the scratch by publishing your own blog and hope to make money quickly might be a difficult thing. Therefore it is advised to join known content contribution sites which pay you in return for your writings. There are many which pay you upright for your contributions and some others offer you an income stream through participation in Advertising Programs. You might have heard about Google AdSense, which is one of the most famous advertising network bloggers like to make money with. There are many others too, but the choice is yours whether you want to be paid directly for your articles or through programs such as Google AdSense.

Earn through Paid to Click Programs

Paid to Click or PTC programs are the least recommended method of fulfilling your desire to making money online. Paid to Click Programs or Sites are those which pay you money for viewing advertisements, completing offers and tasks, and playing grid games. All of these advertisements, offers and tasks etc. are sponsored by third-party advertisers. But there is no exciting or real potential to making huge money through this way. But however, people fond of gambling can opt for PTC sites too by investing some money in the Premium programs and then hope to get something in return by referring members in your downstream.

    Although you necessarily need not get a premium account for making some money, but the key to increasing your earnings is by working yourself as well as referring people to these sites through your referral link. The most renowned and legitimate Paid to Click sites are:


Note: Clixsense is a tested legitimate PTC site for online earning


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