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Increase Internet Download Speed

    Have you ever try to increase internet download speed in windows xp, 7, 8 or latest version without software in year 2016. How to boost your internet speed in windows 7 when you already tried all options like removing viruses, checking all your cables and wires, replacing your existing router or even changing your ISP provider. I know that all above mention tricks will not work for you because no matter what you do your ISP provider will not boost your internet speed without paying extra money. So what is the solution to this problem so that we can download large files and torrents without any delay.

boost internet speed in windows 7 urdu

Use iNetFusion by Clusterlinks

     So the solution to this problem is free software named as iNetFusion by Clusterlinks software company. Now the trick here is that this software will combine all your existing internet connections in one giant connection so that you can get maximum possible speed. The good thing i like about this software is that one it’s free and second it will allow you to not only combine normal DSL connections but you can combine 3G, 4G mobile internet too which is very common now a days. So this way you can really boost download speeds upto 50MBps which is really great.


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